October 22nd to December 23rd
OLIVE AYHENS: Nature/Architecture
In the Viewing RoomNuit Americaine, curated by Jantien Jongsma

September 15th to October 17th
In the Viewing Room:Color as Structure, curated by Julie Langsam

July 2nd to August 14th
Almost Home, curated by An Hoang, BENJAMIN BRITTON: The Error Chain
In the Viewing Room: Support, curated by Jeremy Adams

May 21st to June 27th
Xun Dao, Seeking the Way: Spiritual Themes in Contemporary China curated by Patricia Karetzky
In the Viewing Room:Support, curated by Jeremy Adams

April 10th to May 16th
ELLEN DRISCOLL: FastForwardFossil, Part I
In the Viewing Room: Off the Books, curated by Benjamin Degen

February 27th to April 4th
RAQUEL MAULWURF: Drawings From the Other Side
In the Viewing Room:Content and Discontent, curated by Dede Young

January 16th to February 21st
MARY LUM: Edge Conditions
In the Viewing Room: display/displace, curated by Kirsten Nelson